It’s getting dark and the house finch can’t find its nest

My project confronts family conflicts and violent, oppressive reality with art that is a transformed doppelgänger of violent reality.
when a house can no longer withstand the depressing, gloomy energy in it, it is transformed into something else, and this intended action is a creative process. Installation reflects the moment of transformation. The house falls apart, deforms. It grows on branches, and images of animals and plants appear on windows and headboards. Finally, the main character finds himself outside the house in the middle of the forest. The house is the main character in this case. The pictures painted on the walls of the house play the role of guards who are not only objects of observation but also observers.
The materials I used to create the work, I collected on the street, in different places. While I was walking down the street, I created a large field of vision, a huge aquarium or canvas in which the main character travels, he has no specific goal, he doesn't know what to do, for him the main goal is movement. After finding all the objects, he has a new idea and a new goal. like a mythological character, he meets new items along the way, some showing him the right path while others give him new task to overcome an obstacle.
The discarded pieces of furniture already carried the energy and information of the person who kept them at home. The ultimate goal of the journey was to repackage these items and present them in a new way. To connect them and give them a new function.

Savle Shubladze