First project - Sleep

Solaris Project, First workshop “Sleep” was organized from August 9th to 15th 2010, at the Kranhalle of Kindl Brauerei in Berlin Neu- kölln. Sleeping, dreaming, recovering and discovering, mechanical automa- tism, unconsciousness and overcoming boundaries. these associations set up the framework for the first Solaris workshop. In a seven-day experiment 19 artists from different backgrounds ex- plored the meaning of sleep in manifold ways. aspects of anthropology, philosophy and art were investigated in creative work. Artistic practices and controversies clashed and thereby opened up ways out of passivity, habits and conventions. Solaris pilot project aim was to access new sources of energy and vision, to make visible that sleep is much more than just a physi- ological state, it is the beginning of an awakening.

List of Artists from 1st project - sleep

Valeri Scherstjanoi Sound Artist from Russia
Yonatan David Weizman Writer from Israel
Ana Kavalis Performer, Actress and Dancer from Cuba
Jérôme Porsperger Singer, Performer and DJ of classical music from Belgium
George Jologua Journalist and Performer from Georgia
Linda Anderson Visual artist from USA
Аліна Копиця Visual artist from Ukraine
Milena Leszkowicz Visual anthropologist from Poland
Sandra Hartleb Photographer from Germany
Vera Hofmann Photographer from Germany
Julian McKinnon Visual artist and writer from New Zealand
Nicole Richwald Visual artist from Germany
Karl Philip Liebehenz Performer from Germany
Celine Germès Painter from France
Torsten Hartleb Sound artist from Germany
Hani A. Adem Visual artist from Germany
Natia Bakhtadze Visual artist from Georgia



Levan Manjavidze - 

Sandra Hartleb -

AO Karoni -

Second project - Memory

Studio B. Paul Lincke-Ufer 30, Berlin. Friday 22nd of October 2010. Second experiment. Second workshop of the Solaris project. The idea : a number of artists from different backgrounds, who don’t necessarily know before working together, on the same subject :Mem- ory. The space : Studio B. A loft in which took place literary resi- dences. A space for contradictions, for shades and differences. For shocks. Work on memory / In a flat / Create a multitude of links between art- ists, place and works. The “audience” = the people, the others See the creation of links : A multiplicity_ Never finish a job. Leave it, as an independent, go where it wants to go. (To) never end. What it endless : the concrete. The idea is, perhaps, show and not present lifetime. The idea was to present and not show lifetime. Designers want to create / they’re starting to create together /But there is the desire to be “lifetime” / Because there was something missing / something = a space. In which one can begin to live The experience of memory / memory of the experience / reply to the experience.

We experimented, we didn’t make a mistake because we did. WE? I still have memories of that Friday. It will, automatically. to one and all. I remember that i met you_ I remember a child who wanted to slip on the laminate, he didn’t stop to slide I remember two men who seek to understand the memory-images and I remember a man, he doesnt want, probably, that we’ll remember him, either acted in a way that people cannot memorize him. I saw you, There was works. The “workers” who produced them : They were dis- creet. Unnamed. Unrated. And there were hunters in retirement. If i have to do as Dutronc I’ll say: “The hunt is done, the game is nothing, more bets”
The thing : Create Relationship, without entertainment. The question that follows this Friday is : How to create a group of designers on a nest of honesty and multiplicity to present to an indefinite group_ and create a concrete and diverse relationship between the group of sighted person and the group of blind person because with this project perhaps, the offer is “I give you my eye- sight, I give to you the faculty, the possibility of seeing “

The project continues with a third pane. The “project” is an excuse and a metaphor. We continue, to carry on / for now, the only thing to do is probably to tryto work together. Jean Arp: “work together” Oeuvrer ensemble We continue to work together. Dig again and again, create a strong minority with a powerfull fu- ture. Play it by ear- and strangely, it means “to be blind” in the sense that we dont really know where we are going and why (but we have a vague idea) – with the strong desire to get from A to B, be- cause we need that. As the blind person who is making his own way with his walking stick and his sense-organs, we need to draw and adopt this posture of the blindness, becoming-blind for an indefinite time, and in complete uncertainty time. To try to see

List of Artists from 2d project - memory

Christopher Logan Painter and DJ from New York
Karl Philip Liebehenz Performance artist from Berlin
Milena Leszkowicz Visual anthropologist from Poland
Quentin Mercier Writer and social artist from France
Aleksandre Koberidze Film maker from Georgia
Roy Fagbuyi Visual artist from Berlin
Giorgi Kalmakhelidze Animator from Georgia
Kate Fulton Visual artist from Australia
AO Karoni Artist from France
David Manjavidze Architect from Georgia
Mariam Gegidze Photographer from Georgia
Alexandre Iashvili Architect from Georgia
Jan Wiese Editor and author of tv documentaries from Berlin
Gabriel Zemaitis Painter from Lithuania
Levan Manjavidze Visual artist from Georgia
Anne - Kathrin Heier Writer from Germany  

3d project - Who is Frank

3d workshop „ who is Frank?“ was organized from 9th of may till 15th of may on rigaer str. 71-73 in the space called Antje Oklezund, which is an audio video laboratory were for 6 years are organized various art events. 12 artists took part in solaris 3d workshop. This were international artists: 4 artists from Germany, 4 from Georgia, 1 from France, 1 from Russia, one from Italy and one from Switzerland. The goal for artists was to answer the question : who is frank? Frank is an English expression, synonym to honesty.. to be frank means to be honest. Artists explored idea of honesty from many different points of view. Already on the pre meetings, before adopting the space of antje ok- lezund, artists had there own point of view how to express and show what honesty means in there life’s. Although all the works were con- nected at the end with each other. One of the high light of the workshop was documentary by Vera Hoff- man and Jan Wiese were projects participants were interviewed sepa- rately to talk about there own experiences in life were they came in touch with frank (honesty).

Opposing this documentary was another video work from Natia Bakhtadze with the similar interviews from artists were they had to tell there story’s when they didn’t give a damn ( didn’t care) about something. The idea sentence “frankly I don’t give a damn” wads taken from famous movie “ blown by the wind” were one of the characters says at some point that he frankly doesn’t give a damn.. Two more video works by Marta Mastronardi had a political context: she used footage of politician speeches and put them in contrast by filming solaris artist repeating same sentences. 2d video by Marta also using footage of politicians in different situations and showing results of there power. Performance by Servet Gürbuz and Sandra Hartleb was rather spiritual aspect of honesty, which showed straggle of being pure and at the same time consumed. Performance was documented by drawing of Masha Bender, were she realized her intention of being honest while draw- ing an action.

At the middle was an installation of AO - kitchen with dirty and clean dishes whatz would refer to agin spiritual exorcise and ca- tharsis. Artist Sabrina Binda took another approach to honesty, when she cap- tured in a dark entrance of anje oklezund faces of visitors of so- laris project. Portraits were projected in a meantime on the central wall of a space. Young architect David Manjavidze used negative side of frank, were he pin pointed fact that honesty is not always welcome in daily life, so he made warning signs for each art work, warning about the dangers of viewing this pieces. Entertaining piece of the event was the musical band which was cre- ated during solaris workshop “ dirty trinity” members Giorgi Kalmax- elidze, Levan Manjavidze and Marta Mastronardi. Lyrics of songs and style of there performance were clear expressions of honesty of be- ing frank.

at the final overlook frankly can be said that idea of honesty is very personal, very tricky to define objective sense of honesty, which gives a hint that person can only be honest or dishonest first to him self and in consequence of his analyze and decision can re- flect and act it in relation to outer world. The answer to who is frank? is impossible because no one can be frank and anyone can be. But there is a clear state for frank: Frank is Alone

List of Artists from 3st project - who is frank?

Manifestator Videast and dancer from Berlin
Natia Bakhtadze Artist from Georgia “globalcoinsidence” Rose Bertins Closet
Marta Mastronardi Artist from Italy
Jan Wiese Artist from Berlin
Sabrina Binda Artist from Switzerland
Masha Bender Artist from Russia
David Manjavidze Architect from Georgia hatchwork
Giorgi Kalmakhelidze Artist from Georgia
Vera Hofmann Photographer from Germany
Ophélie Karoni Artist from France
Sandra Hartleb Artist from Germany
Levan Manjavidz Artist from Georgia