Bath - The work is a kind of memorial dedicated to the memory of the tragic death of my brother and his wife.
Bath – place of nudity, clearance, purification; place of being with yourself; place of shame, pleasure and death.

Your place – private and intimate space.

Society has a great interest to look at your beath and overhear. While observing nudity.

The bathroom gets dirty!

As if filled with turbid gas, the water thickens and

it can no longer flow into the pipes, dirt accumulates in the bathroom, fills in and death is inevitable. Such a big tragedy.  

For the public a great tragedy consciously or unconsciously becomes a subject of fun and a time-consuming theme. “News” reaches its culmination in a few days. It goes through a lot of ears filtering with a lot of question marks, a lot of affirmative forms, and eventually it looks like a mass sexual intercourse that has been spotted by a lot of people, interpreted many times and lost its’ first meaning. The attempt of the excited public is to get as much pleasure as possible; from the orgasm caused by listening to the "news" ends successfully; and the unloaded, empty, but still unsatisfied crowd goes into the waiting mode. The raped "story" left in the mud remains a tragedy only for the participants of this story.


Merab Gugumashvili