Childhood Reimagined is my personal photo project, first published at an online media platform - Chai Khana.
Childhood Reimagined is a photo project about my village, Zemo Nakalakari, in Georgia’s eastern Tianeti Municipality, and my young neighbor, Saba, whose joyful spirit and enthusiasm was so contagious it instantly threw me back to my early childhood memories. His childish innocence and positive energy reminded me of the good old times when being a child was certainly a privilege. Life seemed easy and nothing was impossible.

Through the allusion to my own childhood experience, with this project, I aim to restore past memories and connect with familiar places and people. This summer journey can be identified as an intimate and very personal way to perceive things. It is also a reflection of a reality that is sometimes hard to define.
Both Saba and I found ourselves in Zemo Naqalaqari in the spring due to the pandemic. I felt lucky to be in the middle of nature during this troubling time, an island of calm where a vast silence reigned most of the time. It is believed that our memories play a significant role in defining the aspects of the reality we live in. Our mind creates memories according to our emotional and physical experiences. It is a consistent reaction where past memories are put together in real-time.
They say our brain works as a storyteller, remembering and recovering only those moments and situations that we prioritize at a given time. This summer journey can be identified as my attempt to escape from reality, a reality that sometimes is hard to define.

Ekaterine Kolesnikova